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Company Introduction

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Ecomojiware specializes in the distribution of biodegradable tableware composed of corn starch, sugar cane, and PLA (polyactide). Our partner manufacturers are responsible for a large share of the total supply of US biodegradable tableware.

Our manufacturing partner facilities are located in Xiamen, China, and ship billions of sustainable products from China ports to markets throughout the world. The biodegradable tableware we provide is made with the highest quality natural raw materials, from cutting-edge production techniques. 

We bring this all to you with future goals of providing an ever-more expansive ecological product catalog. It is no doubt that Ecomojiware products are unique among other similar products, and we hope to remain your #1 Source for Biodegradable Tableware by giving you the product and service your need to satisfy your needs. 


General Manager Jingchun Jiang, Born Oct.27, 1964

Date of Election: Nov. 2010

Education: Junior college diplomat

Primary working experience:

Graduated from Longyan teacher's colleague
September 1980 - August 1982 Longyan teacher's colleague
September 1982 - August 1986 Longyan middle school English teacher.
September 1986 - December 1989 Hong Fang middle school teacher.
January 1990 - December 2002 Longyan phoenix paper bag factory director.
Jan., 2003 - July, 2006 General manager of Beijing zhuoming trading co., LTD.
September 2006 - October 2010 Fujian zhengsheng organic materials co., LTD. Foreign trade department manager.
November 2010 - General manager of Longyan Shenghe Trading co., LTD.

Email: United States Tel: 1-866-939-3227 China Tel: 0086-597-2200392 友情链接 : Shenghe Ecomojiware Shenghe Amazon Paper Straws Wholesale top sale goods Silica Sales EcoMojiWare Amazon Home Products